Thursday, 15 November 2012

Cover Consistency

As I'm working on a series of books with Life Support, the covers for each book are going to have to be consistent. So after a writing sprint this afternoon, I rewarded myself today by laying out a basic theme for the series, based on the original Life Support novella cover.


The inner image will change, but Chloe provides a nice focus in this prototype. The inner starfield will change colour for each book, giving a nice distinct feel, but allowing the covers to instantly look separate when seen side-by-side.

It's only a first stab at the cover, but hopefully it gives a feel for a few ideas that should be present in all covers in my opinion: -

  1. Consistency across multiple titles
  2. Nice big title text that can be seen well at thumbnail size
  3. An easy way of differentiating between titles when cover layout is similar

I found it really rewarding designing the original Life Support cover, and getting a nice image that fits the theme of Spark of Humanity is something I'm really looking forward to working on.

Happy Writing!