Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Deciding what to write

With Life Support done and on sale, I've turned my attention to the next project.

It's been a surprisingly difficult choice, and more and more, I've found the decision influenced by how I think I can best market the book or entice readers to try it, rather than what I "want" to write. That's a very worrying situation to me.

A lot of people might say "oh just write what you want, and don't worry about it" - but I think it's a mistake. There's a balance to be struck, between writing something that's marketable, viable, versus something that you as the author just want to do for your own enjoyment.

The reality is, that I want to be not just a good writer, but a successful one, and that means bending to the whims of how the markets are working, all the while trying to make sure I can write something that I would love to read myself.

So while there are a couple of stories that I can't wait to tell, they will have to wait, while I build on the story of Life Support. The next book, ostensibly the first in a trilogy, takes place two weeks after the events of Life Support (the novella), and currently has the following working title: Spark of Humanity.

Why do this? The first, and strongest reason, is that I loved writing Life Support, and I'm not ready to let Chloe and BOB languish without telling some more tales of their adventures. The second, is that as soon as the new novel is done, the novella can provide a perfect jumping on point for people. Spark of Humanity is going to be a full-sized novel, and for some people, especially those considering the work of an unknown, indie author, that can be off-putting.

So Spark of Humanity is officially underway. I'm doing a couple of writing sprints each day, and so far I'm on target with the first draft.

However you go about choosing your next writing project, I hope it's a story that you simply have to tell. Happy writing!