Sunday, 17 March 2013

Doubting yourself

I'm currently working through the first part of Act 2 of Spark of Humanity. It's that dangerous time in the life of a manuscript now, where I start doubting everything I've ever written...

There's some strands to weave still, and there's an event looming towards the end that is nagging at me for attention.

I guess it's a curse of every writer out there that you doubt what you're doing. It's how you handle it that determines whether you see the project through to completion, or resign it to the unfinished pile.

Change too little, and the doubts could grow from a whisper to a roar. Change too much, and the whole thing could start to unravel anyway, leaving you with a knitting ball of plots and subplots and an even worse doubt in your mind.

I think it's a case of picking your battles - think the changes through like chess moves. Don't just react to the problem you see on the immediate page.

That's what I'm trying to do at least. I want to see Chloe and BOB get their day in the spotlight, so I'm sitting down every day and making sure I work towards that goal.

As much as I may doubt myself, the one thing I don't doubt is that I want to tell their story.

Happy writing!