Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 Roundup

It's been an excellent year for my writing this year. I joined both a reading and writing group (take a bow, the Cardiff-based "Saucers and Dragons" reading group, and its tight-knit splinter group of writers that keep me wanting to do better and better every time we meet).

From contributing to National Flash Fiction Day, to entering the Costa Coffee Short Story Award, 2013 has made me step outside my comfort zone as a writer, and that's come to a head with the Richard and Judy "Search for a bestseller" competition.

The novel that I've entered for that competition (the beginning at least!) is called "Intertwined", and I'm going to be carrying on with that in January and February.

I haven't forgotten about Spark of Humanity, I'm currently reading through that as a final editing pass. However, a stipulation of the Richard and Judy competition is that you can't have even self-published a novel, so until the shortlist is announced for the competition, Spark of Humanity will lie in wait.

Thanks to everyone who has bought one of my apps this year - I design things that I want/need to use, so I hope if you're a writer, you're getting the same sort of use out of them that I do, every day.

Have a happy, safe, and productive new year, all.

Happy writing!