Thursday, 5 December 2013

Keep Flying

It's been a busy time here - between edits for Spark of Humanity, I've been developing a new iPad application. I don't really take my Mac out on the road, so I wanted something that worked for that most portable of electronics - the trusty iPad.

So Plotline was born - it's a fun little app that lets you lay out the scenes of a novel or screenplay in a way that shows you the ebb and flow of your story. It has an intensity scale, so as you ramp up the tension in your scenes, then let the reader breathe for a moment, you get to see the scenes as they rise and fall over the life of your story.

I used it to plot out the next novel that I'm tackling. And then I exported it to Scrivener, saving a whole load of time in creating the folder/document structure.

Check out Plotline.

Happy Writing!