Monday, 20 January 2014

On with the show

I've been working on two fronts with writing lately - first, there's Intertwined, the novel I've been working on for the Richard and Judy "Search for a bestseller" competition, and Spark of Humanity, the follow-up to Life Support.

I'm reading through Spark of Humanity, after leaving it to rest over Christmas - and I'm picking up on the little mistakes that come from being too close to the project when writing it. Now that I've forgotten a lot of the details, I'm spotting things like the odd missing word, and extra spaces that aren't needed.

It's advice that's been given often, but bears repeating: Let your manuscript rest for a good few weeks before you revisit it - you'll start seeing what you actually wrote, rather than what you thought you wrote.

Intertwined is progressing nicely. I actually plotted it out using my own app, Plotline. I designed it to allow you to see the flow of your novel, the ups and downs in terms of scene intensity. It allows you to build the skeleton of the story without getting into the details of the actual written text.

I also built in an export function to send the details to Scrivener, and that's exactly what I've done - I'm working through the story based on my exported plot from Plotline, and it's worked really well.

Plotline's for a different audience to one of my other writing-oriented apps, Subplot. Subplot's more for people who want to look at all the details - the who, what, where, when, and why of the story, and keep track of everything, while Plotline is solely concerned with getting a skeleton of the story flow done. So hopefully they cover both ends of the writing spectrum.

I hope all your own writing projects are coming along nicely as we head through 2014. Happy writing.