Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Things are progressing a little more slowly than I would have liked. Part of that comes from having four projects on the go at once!

I'm currently writing Intertwined, and editing Spark of Humanity.

I'm also developing a role-playing game for the iPad (and there's a lot of writing content ahead for that), and I'm also working on another Mac-based app that's under wraps at the moment.

I certainly wish I had Spark of Humanity done by now - it's been a long while since Life Support was launched.

One litle nugget regarding Life Support: There are a couple of Airwolf-inspired easter eggs in there. Let me know if you find them. And if you've never watched Airwolf, go and find it now (definitely the first season, there's some great stuff in the second season, but honestly, by the third season, even I'm holding my head in my hands. And as much as the revamped cast tried  with the 4th season, just... no...)

Happy writing!