Saturday, 29 November 2014

Finishing things off

So National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is coming to a close - I hope everyone who took part this year enjoyed the experience. For me, finishing the story is always the most difficult part. I always know how I want to end things - but there's a huge amount of tweaking and rewriting that I seem to get tangled up in, and can't let it go.

Case in point: Spark of Humanity. It's two years since I started it (I went into it straight after finishing Life Support) I'm currently working on changing some pieces of the ending, and I've been stuck in that phase for a long while now. But, the end is in sight, so I'm going to give myself a target date (another one!) and that's it, I've got to stick to it.

Productivity may have dipped slightly yesterday, with the release of a certain teaser trailer for a certain small sci-fi film due out next year, but if I only watch the trailer a few times a day, I should have plenty of time left for writing...

It's so great to see how a fictional universe can bring people together all across the world and plaster giant grins on their collective faces. That's kind of what drives me as a writer - creating something that will hopefully resonate with people as much as Star Wars and my other favourites have with me.

Happy writing.