Sunday, 18 September 2016


I'm coming to the end of my new draft of Eight Minutes. I've also kept up with my writing streak - I've been writing every day since just after Christmas last year. It's just something I do now, and I can't imagine not writing every day.

As ever, with the finish line looming on a draft, thoughts are turning to the next project. I have plenty of ideas to select from, so I'm not sure where I'm going next. It's been a while for Chloe and BOB, so maybe I'll have a look at a sequel to Spark of Humanity.

Intertwined is with Gollancz for a full read by their commissioning editor, so fingers crossed that they like it.

It's one of the most exciting parts of writing for me - before the start: everything is so fresh, perfect, ready and waiting. Then I guess we have to go and ruin it by writing it down... but hopefully the finished product bears some resemblance to the original idea.

So, whether you're starting, in-the-middle-of, or coming to the end of a writing project, I hope you're enjoying it. It really is the most rewarding thing I know.

Happy writing!