Sunday, 29 January 2017


Thankfully it's nearly the end of January. A horrible time where the days are short but feel long, and the nearest bank holiday in the UK is several months away!

I'm currently in the throes of deciding on my next writing project, while editing Eight Minutes. I also started work on the iOS version of my game project, and I hope to share some more information about that soon (even if it's just the hair-wrenching frustration of trying to get Xcode to do auto-layout and size classes properly across multiple iPhone and iPad screen sizes... sigh).

Plans for the year: -
  • Write two new novels
  • See what happens with Intertwined at Gollancz
  • Get Eight Minutes published
  • Build the iOS game
  • Look at the app portfolio and see where improvements can be slotted in

So, there's a lot on the slate. Part of all that work also involves artwork and imagery so there's a huge learning curve as I hopefully improve my art skills as well.

In amongst all of that, the most important thing to me, is to just keep writing.

So, whatever you're doing this year, I hope you enjoy it, and it's something you love doing.

Happy writing!