Thursday, 9 March 2017


Crumbs, February's already gone, and next week is mid-March.

I've been doing some Unity development, working on the design for my game. I may try and do it all in Unity instead of native iOS. That will give me a lot more platform options down the line, at the expense of the really nice auto-layout/constraint functionality that iOS provides.

One other benefit of Unity is that it's reasonably straight-forward to integrate with SQLite - and that makes cross-platform much more viable again versus Core Data.

Hopefully when Unity 2017 arrives it will include some features to help organise a project. At the moment it just feels as if a non-trivial program designed in Unity will just be this giant mess of scripts and public GameObjects exposed on the IDE.

I'm also still trying to work out what my next writing project is, and I've finished the edits of the second draft of Eight Minutes.

Happy writing!