Sunday, 19 August 2018

It's been a while

And in the blink of an eye, several months have gone by. 'Things' have happened, one of which being that my mum's rescue cat, Jess left us in March. We had no idea how old she really was, but we had nearly nine years with her, and at least those years were happy ones for her.

It feels like an age, but it's barely five months. In that time, I've had to carry on with the 64-bit versions of my apps - some of which have been released, with the others being tested.

Additionally, Apple are demanding iOS 11 versions of some of my iOS apps. That's really getting on my nerves. Enforced obsolescence. If there's one thing that Microsoft 'got' with Windows, it was making sure that older software could still run. Apple just don't care about it. My perfectly fine and working iPad 3 won't even update to iOS 10, let alone 11, so I don't even own an iPad that can run the version that Apple are demanding.

But, I've done an update for one of the apps that they're shouting about - it remains to be seen whether they accept it. If they don't then Apple themselves will simply remove the apps from the store.

In my writing life, I'm waiting to hear from a publisher regarding Intertwined, and I've been mulling over whether to take Mind Games forward. Our writing group is still looking for a home thanks to our old venue being transformed into a sports bar. We've taken to doing our writing games at home - it's not quite the same, but it keeps us writing.

Here are the rules: four or five words, get them from anywhere. Do a person, a place, a thing, and a mood, or just five random words. Then you have 20-25 minutes to write. That's it. Even if you never have time to write, you can give yourself 20 minutes, can't you? Don't edit it, don't think too hard about it, just write for 20 minutes.

And remember to enjoy it, because it's a wonderful thing.