Monday, 27 May 2019


Good grief, I look at the date of my last post, and it's been over nine months. A lot has happened in that time, much of which has impacted my time devoted to maintaining and updating the apps that I have in the Mac App Store.

However, with Apple's culling of 32-bit support looming for the next edition of MacOS in the autumn, I've finally pushed ahead and completed the last few changes.

Everything is now 64-bit except for Subplot, which is going through the review process with Apple. I'm waiting to see if the Character Folio release goes smoothly, and then hopefully I'll release Subplot at the end of May or beginning of June.

On the novel writing front, it's been slow going. I'm still looking for an agent or publisher willing to take on Intertwined, but I am also gearing up to writing another new novel.

I've also been doing some short stories lately, and I'm toying with the idea of doing a compilation of them and putting them out myself. All of them have come about as part of the writing games my writing group does.

At the very least, things are starting to move again, which is a relief.

Happy writing!